Birth stories are love stories...or something else that's less cheesy.

Birth Story Photography was birthed (see what I did there?) out of a passion for life, motherhood, and a huge respect for the labor and delivery process. Seriously, our bodies are AMAZING and witnessing those first few moments of motherhood is life-changing. To be allowed inside of that precious birthing space is incredibly humbling.

Sarah Nichols

Wife to John, mama to Olive & Owen, resident of Tampa Heights, member of Journey Church Tampa, and birth photographer. I've loved photography ever since making my first (terrible) pinhole camera back in school and goofing off in the darkroom. I never imagined how that love would one day attach itself to the world of birth, but after having my daughter in 2014, I found a new passion I had never known and threw my whole self into the insane gift of motherhood. Even though my first delivery was quite difficult, I couldn't deny that it was still so beautiful. I knew I wanted to keep myself in and around the birth experience, even if I never had another child. It's so captivating! 

Jess Pendergrass

Wife to Kyle, mama to Noel, resident of Seminole Heights, full time birth photographer. I grew up drawing or painting every single day; I would rather sit at the art table practicing than do anything else. It wasn't actually until my sophomore year of college that I picked up a "real" camera (without any clue real of how to use it). I was immediately hooked and, even if my camera wasn't in-hand, I would still find myself looking for moments that I thought would be beautifully captured. When I graduated from school, I worked for a company as a portrait, sports, and events photographer. After having my own daughter, I felt my passion for birth and capturing these emotional and intimate moments settle into place. I love the candid moments that happen so naturally! 

Christa Porto

Wife to Phil, resident of Ybor, soon-to-be mom, and full time birth photographer. I was shoved into photography a few years ago when my husband started photographing weddings full-time and needed help. My mentality was to keep the money in the family instead of paying second-shooters, but I was swept off of my feet and quit my corporate job of 10 years to go all in! I've loved birth work since watching "The Business of Being Born" and pursued doula certification. My birth work and photography worlds collided when I was asked to doula for a friend a year and a half ago and decided to bring my camera along to document. I've been hooked ever since!